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how to become gluten-free for the new year

Now that we have all settled into 2013 it’s time to take a look at our resolutions for the new year.  What better way to improve your health and your life than resolving to go gluten-free for the new year! Below, I share with you my tips on how to become gluten-free.

how to become gluten-free?

If you are new to the gluten-free lifestyle it can feel overwhelming.  There are so many brands of gluten-free foods, how are you going to know what is good?  I have spent a fortune over the last 11 years finding that question out.  A good place to start is a gluten-free support group.  There are several in the salt lake area and they meet regularly.  It was such a relief for me when I was first diagnosed to be around people who were going through the same lifestyle change as myself and who also had a lot more expierence than I.  A great website for referrence is which is the local web page for the Gluten Intorelance Group of GiG of North America.  They have information on support groups in Salt Lake, Utah County and Northern Utah.  They also have some great information for anyone new to the gluten free diet and even raising a gluten free child.  There is also a link to which is the official GiG webpage which gives you information for the United States and several other participating countries.  It’s very helpful when you are traveling as you can easily find gluten free restaurant and shopping listings and other helpful information to help you when you’re away from home.  University of Utah Health Care also holds a gluten intolerance group.  For more information on time and locations call (801)-263-3782.

Another good place to start is online.  There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of gluten free bloggers.  Two of my favorites for recipes and the stunning pictutres are and  The glutenfreegoddess has an amazing vegan and vegetarian section.  There are hundreds of delicious recipes in every catagory including dairy free baking.  Traveling has always been a passion of mine and the even has recommendations for being gluten free in airports and how to plan ahead for it.  I have always had to bring a second suitcase with me when I travel to make sure I was able to eat on my vacation.  glutenfreegirl also has amazing recipes and some have a video to accompy them.  Plan on spending a lot of time on these websites if you’re anything like me.  There is A LOT of great information.

If you’re just wanting information on what is going on in the gluten free world, including trends, new research or even just product recommendations two really good websites are and  They also include recipes and even party planning tips and who doesn’t like a gluten free party?!! lists very impressive diet information including safe and unsafe food lists including one for alcohol which I have found has always been hard to navigate (no labels to double check).

Both websites have links to where you can do some gluten free shopping.  Check out the or  Both are great for some hard to find items, including gluten free body products which can be a life saver if you are required to use them.  You won’t have to drive all over the city anymore and you can pick up some pasta or bread at the same time!

Fortunately the gluten free food scene is becoming much more available and all the information we need is at our fingertips if you know where to look.  Just look for quality.  It’s hard to navigate around the huge amount of information that pops up in our web search.  Take a little extra time researching and you’ll be able to spot what’s genuine.  Or you can always come down to Zest and I would be happy to take some time and help you with any questions you have or give suggestions.  Happy Gluten Free New Year!!!!

-Emily Maxwell