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5 ways to spring clean your eating

dining out at zest is the definition of “clean eating”. Eating clean is about embracing the best and healthiest option in each food group. It’s also a great way to refresh your eating habits.  

At zest, we’re committed to serving up fresh and mindful eats all year round. While the spring season is traditionally known to be the perfect time to clean up the house, it is also a great time to clean up your diet! 

To get you started on clean eating this spring, we've put together a list of our 5 favorite tips:

1.      Buy Fresh

One of the biggest rules of eating clean is to avoid packaged and processed foods. Whenever possible eat foods that are made from scratch. Try to shop mostly around the outer areas of the grocery store where all of the fresh produce, meats, cheeses and beverages are stored.  

At zest, you can be sure our dishes are NEVER frozen or from a can!

zest fresh, organic vegatables

2.      Buy Local

When produce is purchased locally the foods are naturally more nutrient rich. Buying local also supports your community’s economy while lowering pollution from the transportation of the food.

Zest buys from local farms such as frog bench farms and mololo gardens. We also support other local business such as Mamachari Kombucha, The Queens Tea, Vive Juicery, and The Chocolate Conspiracy to name a few.

local kombucha cocktails

3.      Go Green

As they say, “clean eating is green eating” and eating green has a two-fold meaning. Consuming green fruits and veggies tend to have more vitamins and nutrients, such as “super foods” like kale, spinach and brussels sprouts. Eating green also means being mindful of how much waste you produce in a given day while you eat.

Zest uses glass water bottles from a eco-friendly water filtration system. Additionally,  90% of our veggie peels during the spring & summer months & all glass is recycled by momentum recycling, zest diverted over 60,000 pounds of glass from the land fill last year!

zest sustainable water

4.      Labels matter

Be sure to read the ingredient list on packaged foods. If the item has several ingredients on it that you cannot pronounce, then it’s time to stay away. Opt for cooking something that is home-made with whole foods, such as fresh vegetables.

At zest, 85% of our kitchen is organic & our entire wine list is organic & sustainability grown.

zest organic ingriedents

5.      Limit the booze

While we’re all for having a good time and letting loose, make sure you are mindful about how much alcohol you consume. Too much alcohol dehydrates the body and increases toxins. You can be sure that a neon-colored cocktail isn't clean and it’s probably best to stay away.

Instead try cocktail like zests’ fresh beet juice sangria made with red wine or the buzzy navel with fresh squeezed basil-orange juice

hand crafted cocktails

Eating clean is a choice that will leave you feeling energized and fully nourished. While we know it’s not easy to have a completely clean diet, try out a couple of these tips during this spring season and be mindful of any positive effects. While your at it, stop by zest – you’ll be dining out clean and you can let us know how your spring clean eating is going!