groups/catering menu

reminder we are a 21+ establishment

take out & large groups served on site

bring zest to your home and events with our catering plates that come in convenient, party sized portions. to place your order email please note most items take 24-48 hour advance notice.
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hors d'oeuvres
hot stuffed mushroom platter 30 marinated mushrooms filled with veggies & topped with creamy cashew chive filling, tastes like thanksgiving! 35
jalapeno poppers 30 SPICY halves stuffed with creamy cashew-quinoa filling, with a fruit dipping sauce on the side 35
bruscetta seasonal farmers market veggies roasted in tomato sauce 30 pieces 35
black bean & chia seed and lentil-mushroom patties 30 mini patties w/sauteed mushrooms & onions on the side with house made bbq 35
masala almond brussel sprouts tossed with sesame oil, lime, red pepper. 6 appetizer servings 30
cheese plate variety of 3-4 local cheeses, local honey, 2 bags of gluten free crackers & seasonal fruit. great snack for 20 people 50
vegan cheese plate 3-4 house made seed, nut & coconut milk cheeses w/ seasonal fruit & 2 bags of gluten free crackers. great snack for 20 ppl 35
superfood salad bowl w/curry avocado dressing, hemp hearts & golden raisins 6 full servings, serves more w/smaller portions 40
avocado salad w/chopped romaine, fresh pico & cilantro lime vinaigrette 6 full servings, serves more w/smaller portions 56
RAW zucchini noodles tossed in pomegranate balsamic, marinara sauce, pine nut pesto, red pepper coulis, pine nuts 6 full servings, serves more w/smaller portions 45
baked zucchini & cheese (think healthy mac & cheese), zucchini sauteed with squash-tomato sauce & cashew cream, with house made cheese sauce (made from potato, zucchini, carrots) 6 full servings, serves more w/smaller portions. add barely buzzed cheese $9 50
thai sunrise:coconut yellow curry black rice w/sesame stir fry vegetables 6 full servings, serves more w/smaller portions 66
ratatouille w/quinoa-lentil pilaf, seasonal farmers market veggies 6 full servings, serves more w/smaller portions 66
+RAW zucchini manicotti stuffed with organic greens, w/ pinenut pesto & red pepper sauce 12 large rolls w/side zucchini salad tossed in pomegranate balsamic vinaigrette, pine nuts, almond parmesan 65
dessert bites
chocolate beet mini cupcakes w/ avocado mousse 45 minis, please give us 48 hour notice 45
+carrot mini cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting 45 minis, please give us 48 hour notice 45
whole desserts
8 large slices or 12 small slices per whole dessert 24-48 hour notice
+tiramisu cheesecake, layers of cashew & coconut custard, w/ cashew date crust, and another layer of everything again! 1 large cake, can be cut into 12-16 slice 70
chocolate beet cake w/ avocado mousse w/berry coulis 40
+carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting w/pineapple coulis 40
salted caramel chocolate hazelnut tart serves 2-4 9