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zesty yoga

zesty yoga is a movement & mindfulness class at zest for the staff and he has seen a big change in them, from the chefs to servers.

casey is committed to making yoga accessible to everyone, every body.


why yoga

our owner casey recently completed his yoga teacher training with yoga assets 

he is involved with his mentor, Denise Druces' mission to "take yoga where it isn't" and give back to the community. 

his yoga schedule is more service oriented at the moment.



casey is currently working with kids at an elementary school level, teaching them easy breathing techniques that can help them in every day life, along with some fun animal yoga poses.

TURN community services: easy chair movement class weekly. 

LGTBQI+ yoga at Brighton High. 



if you would like to inquire about casey's yoga services for your business or event, contact 

60-70 minutes: $100 for vinyasa flow with breathing & meditation. this can be private or a small group lesson. each attendee will also get a $5 discount card to zest! sessions can also be arranged and paired with zest food or juice after. 

submit a request for a discounted or free session for those on a budget or for community service.