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learn more about zest kitchen & bar and their commitment to cooking fresh, healthy cuisine and supporting local fair trade initiatives. 

reminder we are a 21+ establishment

who we are

zest kitchen offers globally inspired, seasonal cuisine featuring organic, local, sustainable ingredients. with a farm-to-fork mentality, we are dedicated to providing well-being through healthy, fresh ingredients & focus on plant based, vegetarian, raw & gluten-free dishes that fit into all diets, including paleo.  recognizing the connection between plate, planet & people, we support local farmers, businesses & organizations with fair trade practices.

zest bar is an extension of the kitchen, resulting in hand craft cocktails with fresh ingredients combined with organic & local spirits & one of the largest selections of organic wines, beers & spirits available in Utah. we understand that not only is it important to ensure the quality of what goes into our drinks but the setting in which we serve them. for this reason our bartenders are trained in-house on how best to prepare our cocktails and to respect our philosophy that the bar should be an atmosphere where people choose to spend their time. our bartenders are just as comfortable making a classic drink such as the old fashioned for you or try one of our signature cocktails with beet juice or a margarita with muddled jalapeno peppers. this is why zest is a great restaurant for lunch & dinner and the perfect a weekend brunch spot. 


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*reminder we are a 21+ establishment*

Words really can’t explain the vibe at Zest. I walked in feeling excited to try a new place, and I left feeling as if I had made a really good decision.
Jenna W.

Casey Staker, owner/operator


Casey Staker created zest to combine his passion for organic cuisine with original cocktails & live deejays. he started in restaurant management before undertaking what would become a successful, decade long run as the owner of the award winning W Lounge. zest started as an outgrowth of a daytime pursuit of cooking classes, during which he received his executive certification in raw foods under the tutelage of cynthia beavers and studied under utah chefs Janae Devika and Joline Wondergem. W lounge ran its course in the second half of 2012, and zest was born: a restaurant that would take full advantage of the ingredients used in both kitchen & bar.  as a vegan himself, this meant Casey was dedicated to provide great tasting, organic, vegan, vegetarian, & gluten-free options to a city where few exist.

"here at zest, we are dedicated to providing well-being through healthy, fresh, fair, organic ingredients. all items are vegan by design (including desserts) and over the past year, our chefs have worked hard to create a plant-based menu that accommodates as many eating preferences as possible. we've been able to remove/substitute nuts in a handful of dishes and have oil free options. 

additionally, 85% of the menu is organic & non gmo—all greens, berries, the dirty dozen are always organic, including all flours, sweeteners, etc. we serve/use reverse osmosis water, cook primarily with coconut oil and most recently have added many oil free options. for sweeteners, we use maple syrup and dates in our sweets and all lunch/dinner items are processed sugar-free, using fresh squeezed orange juice or apple juice if needed.  every year we get more support in local farmers and it keeps growing which is amazing! 

thank you again for your continued love & support. these past five years have been some of the greatest as we continue to strive for the best healthy, organic & local foods.


happy dining!

casey staker 


zest management


owner, casey staker with chefs ian schmidtt & Sebastian Lehnert

owner, casey staker with chefs ian schmidtt & Sebastian Lehnert